Take all old and unwanted medicine back to your pharmacy

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Each year people are harmed or killed by accidentally poisoning themselves with medicines. Don’t be a statistic.

Why can’t I throw my medicines away myself?

By throwing your old medicines down the toilet you can effect the ecology of the water system. If everyone threw their old medicines down the toilet, the water system would become polluted by all the antibiotics, hormones and other drugs in your medicine cupboard.

Why should I bring my medicines back to the Pharmacist?

So that your unwanted medicine can be disposed of in a safe way. All returned medicines will be incinerated.

Will my medicines be recycled?

No, definitely not. Your old medicines will be incinerated and not reused or recycled in any way.

Will my old medicines go to third world countries?

No, for many reasons this is impossible. It is not possible to predict the need of the population to which they would be sent. Also, the identity, quality or security of the medicines cannot be guaranteed.

When can I take my medicines into the Pharmacy?

At any time (according to opening hours) you can take your old medicines into your local Pharmacy, although special campaigns may run occasionally.

Safe storage of medicines

Always remember to keep medicines out of the reach of children, and in a cool, dry place. Remember medicine goes out of date! If you have regular medicines from your doctor on a repeat prescription, only order what you need, so that you don’t keep too many at home.